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How to upload custom metadata to assets in Oracle Enterprise Repository 11g


The Oracle Enterprise Repository includes a Web Services based API called the Repository Extensibility (REX) Framework, which allows to programmatically upload custom metadata (XML, XSD, WSDL, xlsx, etc.) into the target assets. All these metadata are stored in the internal metadata sotre (OER DB), and it can be download with assets. The following example shows, […]

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OSB-Config-WLST-Configurator or How to customize your OSB SBconfig with WLST

OSB-WLST-Customizer is a simple WLST script that contains several features for a more detailed customization SBConfig, before deploying to the Oracle Service Bus 11g. The WLST script to read existing SBConfig jar file  and modify (customize) it according to the settings in the properties and generate a new SBConfig jar file. The WLST script allow […]

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Highcharts integration with JBoss RichFaces (JSF/Facelets)

If you want to integrate the Highcharts with JBoss RichFaces JSF/Facelets project, so some RichFaces components will not work.   The problem is Prototype and jQuery and other JavaScript frameworks, which are included in JBoss RichFaces. To solve this problem, you need to make some minor changes in the Java Script for Highcharts, here they are. Load Highcharts script […]

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How to transform XQuery to XML in Java

If you wanted or needed to analyze the XQuery source code, then there is a very simple solution how do it. You will need to convert your XQuery code to XqueryX code (XML syntax for XQuery). for example: XQuery code: for $b in doc(“”)/bib/book where $b/publisher = “Addison-Wesley” and $b/@year > 1991 return <book year=”{ […]

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Dumping the content or data from WebLogic Persistent Store (File Store)

Last few days I spent a little ‘research’ on how it works in Oracle Weblogic File Store because I needed to get JMS messages (JMS Queue) from File Store when Oracle WebLogic Server was stopped. I searched the internet for solutions or tools, but I found only WLST command, which dumping content from File Store. […]

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How generate XML from the Callback page(HTML) in bpel process manager from code (for Oracle SOA Suite 10g)

I made smaller research and came to the way how generate XML from the Callback page from process in Oracle SOA Suite 10g – BPEL Process Manager. It’s easy. Interface contains method getFormContent(partner, role, operation) which returns the HTML form for the callback page for activities. And This HTML content just translated into a […]

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How to merge two MS Excel(xls) documents (generated from JasperReports) into one?

How to merge two XLS documents (generated from JasperReports) into one? It’s easy with OpenXLS Java Spreadsheet SDK (you can download here). This is the best framework for the merge of complex XLS documents (for example: invoices, accounts etc.). I also tried other frameworks such as POI, JExel, JXLS, JCOM these frameworks are for simple […]

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