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Maven: Creating dynamic project during the build the maven project

With the Maven plugin:maven-install-plugin and goal: install-file you can create dynamically Maven project without defining  the pom.xml file i.e.: install tempary (dynamic) the Maven project (ZIP, EAR, JAR, etc) from the parent project to the local repository. The following example shows an example: pom.xml file, where the parent project: demo-project during the build, create and […]

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How to merge two MS Excel(xls) documents (generated from JasperReports) into one?

How to merge two XLS documents (generated from JasperReports) into one? It’s easy with OpenXLS Java Spreadsheet SDK (you can download here). This is the best framework for the merge of complex XLS documents (for example: invoices, accounts etc.). I also tried other frameworks such as POI, JExel, JXLS, JCOM these frameworks are for simple […]

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Maven Java processor allows insert, replace  and delete the elements in the XML and key/value in prorerties. All events for the insert, replace and delete are defined in one file for all projects. Detailed information about the project here and download version 1.0 it here. Tweet

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